Searching for clarity

Life happens 2:

I am sitting in the same cafe as last year in November. It is beginning of April and Spring has finally found its way to Berlin! It is getting warmer and I am impatiently looking forward to more sunny days, extra portion of energy I get when listening to birds twittering and green sprouts awakening from a longer winter sleep. To mention straight ahead: I am still practicing yoga and my body does not always do what I wish for. It is just the way it goes and I should not have any expectations. (Expectations is another nice topic I will post next time). So I will be going to give some sessions soon. Not sure who is going to join and if those several people would like them. I have absolutely no idea. My mom likes my sessions and one of my lovely friends as well. It is already a good start and already one point from my To Do Map in my notebook. Yes, speaking about my summer projects and my To Do Map… I call it a To Do Map, because my lists never look like normal lists. They are pretty chaotic and still somehow organized at the same time. This is the way I feel it works for me. So this To Do Map is so huge, that I am overwhelmed. On the one hand it is nice to see how many ideas I have and would like to realize. On the other hand some insecure inner voice is getting louder: Will I manage this all? Do I have enough skills and capacity? Am I prioritizing in the right way? All these questions are legitimate and absolutely reasonable. I am keeping asking myself: what can I do about this insecure inner voice? How much substance does it have and what does it want to tell me? You see I am doing some self-coaching 🙂 The most important one is however the following: what can support me now to get the clarity and security I need? And I already have the answer for the first step. I know that I am a visual person. So to better understand any special occasions in my life I need to visualize those to see any possible connections, links, to see those in context or in any particular system. Easy, right? Yes it is. However it is normally not easy to face those facts and make yourself do this very first step. For me it would be to put all my thoughts on the white board. What is the difference between my notebook and the white board, you would probably ask? There is not that much indeed. However for me it exits. Putting things on a white board enables more creativity for me. I can capture things there, prioritize, sort out, wipe, add new thoughts, wipe again. I can make photos of it and… wipe again. It is the very process that helps creativity and clarity appear, grow and change. And I would also do the same with my coaching clients if needed. I am so much looking forward to doing this and facing literally my challenges and uncertainties while doing these small first certainties.

And after putting all my to do’s on the white board, I will do some Yoga. It helps to find balance, concentrate and lighten my mind. And then I will look at it all again. Some things will clear up automatically.

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If you feel this small exercise can help you to sort things out in your mind, try to follow it and visualize your thoughts on a white board and leave it there for a while. Or start at least with a piece of paper. After some time look at it again and things will get clearer. At the minimum you will realize, what to wipe, what to add and what makes real sense from all what you have put there.

And if you feel really stuck and need some more help to get clarity and certainty, I will be happy to support you on this journey during the coaching process where we can also try some other tools.

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