Life happens

I’ve been practicing yoga intensely throughout the whole month of December. Every day, on average 3 hours a day of physical exercise and 3 hours of philosophy, anatomy and therapy, self-study not included. I got my yoga teacher’s certificate and I am so proud of myself. I got to know wonderful, encouraging people and teachers and I am so happy and grateful to have experienced it in this special period of my life. During that month of practicing various styles of yoga, mostly hatha and vinyasa flow, I started to get-to-know my body from a different perspective, especially how it reacted to changes and intensive workout. I’ve been active and doing sports all my life: I’ve been dancing classical Indian dances for almost 10 years, practiced karate, Latin-American dances. Volleyball has been a part of my life for the last 12 years and recently I became addicted to beach volleyball. All of this was and is obviously a hard workout as well. However I have never been so conscious with my body and mind as I was during that intensive yoga experience. And I was so astonished by the fact that some 15 years ago, without knowing a word about yoga and what it is all about, I could do almost every bendy and stretchy position without thinking of it as being an asana. I just loved it standing in my living room and exercise turning on some nice music. I loved it, just being a 12-16 year old teenager. And somehow I forgot about it. So while intensely practicing yoga (and I am obviously talking only about the physical part of it) back in December and realizing how my body had been sometimes struggling and crying, I just asked myself one question..“What happened to my body? How is it possible?“ Well, one of the yoginis I got a pleasure to make the yttc with answered: “life happened…”

Yes, life happened and happens every day. This thought was something so natural and both true and obvious that I was so impressed not to recognize it before asking myself this very simple question. And this little story is just a simple example. If you look at your day, week, month, year, they all pass and pass very quickly so that sometimes you even do not realize how fast things appear and disappear in your life. You live your comfortable or not so comfortable life and move forward, hustle, stagnate, progress, fight or just turn on an autopilot, etc. You forget about your passions, dreams and little things that made you and still can make you happy and joyful. Or you may even not forget about those and still you may not give them enough time and attention to happen in your life.

So what if you just stop for a while and think of things that made you happy and you are still dreaming to start doing again? And I am not talking about running after your past and regretting things! I am talking about your inner passions and dreams that you used to have and probably even used to realize in your life and then somehow forgot. I am talking about this happy feeling when doing something you really love and enjoy. What if you just remember those happy moments, passions and dreams, be thankful and start getting those back into your day-today life no matter what kind of form they would assume now…

…For me it is in form of yoga. And some other wonderful things will also come back into my life very soon. I am sure.

So what about you?

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If you want to learn more about your inner dreams and passions or need support getting those back into your day-today life, contact me for an individual Coaching session.

2 Antworten auf "Life happens"

  • Victoria
    13. Januar 2016 (10:45)

    Hallo Maria,

    thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve been always thinking, that yoga can help in finding peace, in keeping thoughts together, relaxation, but my experience wasn’t really good. I started couple of courses, but they turned out to be more like physical class, then a lesson for both – body and soul. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not lazy or giving up person (at least I hope I’m not), it was just too much. I couldn’t think about anything than the end of the training. And, of course, not about my plans in life, passions or anything that is important for me, except time when the torture is over. Are you going to teach your way of yoga?

    • Maria
      13. Januar 2016 (11:32)

      Dear Victoria,

      thanks for your comment! Yoga is definitely not about the physical exercise. All the asanas only support you in getting unity to your mind, body and spirit by means of meditation. It is not about perfect asanas. Simply explained, it is about bringing awareness and achieving samadhi, where your mind becomes completely still and is not disturbed by any thoughts or material things, etc. As one of the teachers said: „ Yoga is Your Own Great Awareness“ and this is truly what I believe in and how I would like it to be taught.

      Let me know if I can support you with either yoga or coaching!

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