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Two years ago.. Recap

Sum up of my self-employment experience so far... Almost two years ago I quitted my job and began my self-employment journey. Looking back, it was a very exciting and challenging one. Well in fact it still is. I don’t regret any of the decisions I made in my life. And this one is not an exception...

People don’t change…

“People don’t change for someone, they really don’t! People don’t change on your request, unless they really want, Unless they get the point of changing for one’s good, And realize it will bring them further from where they once stood.” MY

Changing perspectives: My own Russian and German reality

It is all about your own perception and attitude I am traveling to Saint Petersburg pretty often, as I need my city to „physically“ remind me of my origin, of my „Russian soul“. Two months ago I went there again to visit my friends and to breathe in the air of this vibrating city full of contrasts. I was so happy to feel the spirit of white nights, walking in the city center at midnight, admiring the glory of incredible architecture and history. I literally forgot how you normally feel when the night is not getting darker and your body does not immediately recognize the time to go to bed. Not only was I happy to see my loved ones. I was ...

Dealing with expectations

Life happens 3: I think I am made for working outside in cafes. I get more inspiration somehow by going out to different places and changing the usual environment. I’ve been thinking lately about expectations. I really find it a dangerous word. And I definitely mean it. You would probably think I am exaggerating. No, I am not and I will explain you why. Let me tell you a little story of my life. I am just thinking, which one… Well, no I am not going to tell you any stories. Because it is so obvious. Expectations are obvious. We expect from our friends to call us and to spend time with us, we expect from our parents that if we say our job title ...

Searching for clarity

Life happens 2: I am sitting in the same cafe as last year in November. It is beginning of April and Spring has finally found its way to Berlin! It is getting warmer and I am impatiently looking forward to more sunny days, extra portion of energy I get when listening to birds twittering and green sprouts awakening from a longer winter sleep. To mention straight ahead: I am still practicing yoga and my body does not always do what I wish for. It is just the way it goes and I should not have any expectations. (Expectations is another nice topic I will post next time). So I will be going to give some sessions soon. Not sure who is going to join and if ...

Persönlichkeitsdiagnostik: stimme zu – keine Ahnung – stimme nicht zu!

Fast jeder hat in seinem Leben schon so einen Persönlichkeits- oder IQ- Test gemacht, oder? Und viele haben sich danach irgendwie nicht zufrieden gefühlt. Entweder hat man eine nicht zufriedenstellende Auswertung bekommen, mit der man nichts anfangen konnte, oder man hat gar keine erhalten. In beiden Fällen ist es sehr ungünstig und spricht weder für das Verfahren, noch für dessen Durchführung. Ich habe auch mal einen Test für eine Traineestelle in einem großen Konzern mitgemacht. Und bin dann irgendwie durchgefallen. Keiner hat mir gesagt, warum. Ich als Personalerin weiß natürlich, warum ich kein Feedback bekommen habe. Deswegen betrachte ...

Testimonial Luise

"Frau Yasinovskaya's Coachings bzw. Trainings sind professionell, versiert, kunden- und lösungsorientiert. Ich habe Frau Yasinovskaya als sehr strukturierte, empathische und engagierte Trainerin kennengelernt, deren Fokus stets auf die Bedürfnisse und Erfordernisse des Einzelnen oder der Gruppe gerichtet ist. Durch die multikulturelle Ausrichtung ihrer Arbeit, ist Frau Yasinovskaya zudem auch bestens in der Lage, auf kulturelle Unterschiede einzugehen und diese entsprechend einzubinden."
Luise W.

Testimonial Peng Li

"Maria was very helpful when I approached her for life coaching. After 3 coaching sessions with her I got more clarity on what I should do next to solve the issue I am facing. Maria is open and easy to talk to. Her professionalism in life coaching made and makes me feel so comfortable. I am really thankful for what she has done for me"
Li P.

Testimonial Rima

"I had my first ever coaching session with Maria. It was a very pleasant experience and I got into it immediately. Question after question she allowed me to find creative solutions to my business problematics I've been worried about. I can totally see how it would also work for a group of people working together not only for an individual. It was super smooth and it felt almost effortless for me. I would recommend Maria to all the entrepreneurs that I know."
Rima K.

Life happens

I’ve been practicing yoga intensely throughout the whole month of December. Every day, on average 3 hours a day of physical exercise and 3 hours of philosophy, anatomy and therapy, self-study not included. I got my yoga teacher’s certificate and I am so proud of myself. I got to know wonderful, encouraging people and teachers and I am so happy and grateful to have experienced it in this special period of my life. During that month of practicing various styles of yoga, mostly hatha and vinyasa flow, I started to get-to-know my body from a different perspective, especially how it reacted to changes and intensive workout. I’ve been active and doing ...